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The Bible and the Saints legends supported popular imagination and furnished the devil and various demons, which often seem to act by divine command. In the absence of early. On witchcraft in the Middle Ages, and on the role of the scholastics in the development of demonology, see Charles E.

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Kors and E. In the absence of early i.

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All of the saving ordinances of the priesthood are accompanied by covenants, which are sacred agreements with God. Add the following truth to the list in your scripture study journal: In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we can receive ordinances that are necessary for our salvation.

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When He was on the earth, Jesus Christ established each of the elements you have learned about as essential parts of His Church. After He died, was resurrected, and ascended into heaven, He continued to lead and guide His Apostles through revelation. Under the leadership of the Apostles, the ancient Church spread quickly and thousands of people were baptized.

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  4. Elders, bishops, deacons, priests, teachers, and evangelists patriarchs were called and given proper priesthood authority by the Apostles. Despite the efforts of the Apostles, the early Church faced threats both from within the Church and from outside.

    Read the following passages of scripture and identify some of these threats:. Acts —3. Acts — Packer, President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, spoke of the great losses the New Testament Church experienced during this time:. Peter and Paul died in Rome. Tradition holds that Philip went to the East.

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    Much more than this we do not know. The fall of the early Church is called the Great Apostasy. How would the loss of priesthood authority affect the other essential elements of the Church?

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    Ordinances were changed or abandoned. The line was broken, and the authority to confer the Holy Ghost as a gift was gone. As you study you will recognize how each of the essential elements of the Church of Jesus Christ was restored to the earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith.

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    The Lord has once again established His Church for the purpose of offering salvation to the world. Additional questions, thoughts, and insights I would like to share with my teacher:. Entire Book PDF. Text Settings.

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