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Aucher-Eloy et Comp ie , Paris. Levrault, Paris. There is no date on the cover of the copy I have seen but Bedel : lxxxvi , who commented on all new species described in these two livraisons, mentioned that it was published in This is corroborated by the entry in the Bibliographie de la France. A new edition of these two livraisons was issued in [ q. Plassan, Paris. Pages 1—80 constitute a new edition of the version Sherborn and Woodward b : Avec un atlas.

Texte [I]. Fortin, Masson et C ie , Paris. It was published in livraisons, each containing a mixture of text and plates for each class. Completed sets of livraisons were subsequently bound into 20 volumes divided into sections. The insect section comprised two volumes, each with two parts text and atlas [ vide infra ]. The Coleoptera are on pages 81— of the first volume, issued in the following livraisons: : pp.

The dates of publication are from Cowan : 55—56 unless otherwise noted. Atlas [I]. The Coleoptera are on plates 15—75 including 22 bis , 39 bis , 40 bis , 44 bis , 53 bis , 66 bis , and 74 bis. The names of the insects depicted on the plates are considered type-species designations as indicated in the title of the work. Plate 15 shows beetle larvae and a pupa of various families. The species depicted on plates 16—75 are listed in Appendix 1. Supplement to the check list of the Coleoptera of America, north of Mexico. Cassino, Boston. Erster Band. This volume was published in two Lieferungen : 1 : pp.

Zweiter Band. This volume was published in two Lieferungen : 3 : pp.

Dritter Band. This volume was published in two Lieferungen : 5 : pp.

Vierter Band. Reise durch einen Theil Preussens. Gottfried Vollmer, Hamburg und Altona. Storia naturale degli animali invertebrati del Sig. Cavaliere de Lamarck compendiata ed arricchita di note. Annesio Nobili, Pesaro. Catalogue of Hispidae in the collection of the British Museum.

Bad Kreuznach

Part I. Printed by order of the Trustees, London.

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Descriptions of new genera and species of Phytophaga. Part 2. Phytophaga part. Hispidae by J. Baly, with an appendix by G. Cassididae by C. Taylor and Francis, London. This section was published in eight parts as follows see Lyal : 88 : pp. Office of Superintendent of Government printing, Calcutta.

The genera insectorum of Linnaeus exemplified by various specimens of English insects drawn from nature. Sewell, London. The text is written in English and French, mostly in parallel columns. Engelmann : , Graesse : and other bibliographers mentioned a second edition, essentially a reissue of the first edition with a change of title page Evenhuis a : 70 , published in n. Published by order of the government of India. Tribe Longicornia. Longicornia by Henry Walter Bates, F. Bruchides by David Sharp, M.

This work was issued in several parts. The dates listed at the bottom of the first page of each sheet are: pp.

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The collation for the plates is from Lyal : Biologia Centrali-Americana. Part 1. This work was published in several parts. The volume covers the Cicindelidae and Carabidae. The title page is dated — Pectinicornia and Lamellicornia. The volume covers the families Lucanidae pp. It also includes a supplement pp. Geodephaga and Longicornia. List of Coleoptera collected by Mr.

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Jameson on the Aruwimi. By the late James S. Jameson, naturalist to the expedition. Edited by Mrs. Porter, London. Simpson, who has paid especial attention to this family. The only new species described by Bates is Tefflus jamesoni Bates, n. Peter Cameron. Eaton, F. Martin Jacoby. Sidney Olliff. David Sharp. John Murray, London. ASTER: Books

According to Sharp : 61 , the printing was done in but the work was not available for purchase until 2 March By John Whitehead. With coloured plates and original illustrations. Gurney and Jackson, London. Zweyter Theil. Mit zwey Kupfertafeln. The entire work was issued in two volumes, —, continuously paginated. The Coleoptera are on pages — of the second volume.

Mit naturgetreuen Zeichnungen im Text. Creutz, Magdeburg.

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Monographie des lamelli-antennes. Landriot, Clermont. Thibaud-Landriot, Clermont-Ferrand. Despite the date on the title page, this work may have been published late or early Rassegna delle specie della famiglia dei Milabridi Bruchidi degli autori viventi in Europa e regioni finitime. Virzi, Palermo. This work was issued, with separate pagination, in Il Naturalista Siciliano 5 [10]: 1—?