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Here are some top tips to help you stay safe on the road. Your life and eyes 3 min read. Looking after your vision can be crucial in preventing future eye health problems.

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Check out our top 3 ways to prevent future eye conditions. An invisible epidemic is spreading all around the world.

How can you show that you see with eyes of life?

Half of the population will be affected by Find out more about this and how to support your eyesight on World Sight Day The week-long initiative has been created to remind everyone just how important it is to look after your eyes, no matter what age you are. If your child has begun to develop a vision problem, it can cause a number of problems at school.

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Find out how glasses could make a huge difference. You have no doubt spent the last few weeks reaching for your sunglasses every time the sun comes out, but do you know why wearing sunglasses is so important? Lens coatings can be an effective solution to help you get more out of your lenses, but what difference can they really make to your glasses? Sometimes known as light adaptive lenses, photochromic lenses will automatically adapt to the changing light conditions around you. This works when the lenses are exposed to UV light and the molecules embedded in the lens change their structure.

The ageing eye brings with it a unique set of challenges.

As you inch closer to 60, the eye undergoes a series of anatomical and physiological changes that may affect vision and your ability to perform simple, everyday tasks like reading and driving. It helps you stay focused and aware of your surroundings, facilitating quick decision-making. Your life and eyes 6 min read. Your life and eyes 7 min read. We discuss some of the common eye conditions that may affect you on the road and what you can do to manage them successfully.

Your life and eyes 5 min read. Whether you drive a car, ride a bicycle or motorbike, or simply prefer to walk, great vision is critical for road safety.

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    A representation of life-events as a continuum exists in the cognitive system, and may be further expressed in extreme conditions of psychological and physiological stress. The study found that many of the flashbacks involved intensely emotional moments. I could individually go into each person and I could feel the pain that they had in their life. We've noticed you're adblocking. You can find them in the minds, convictions and daily lives of millions of women in the United States who support -- without question or conflict -- meeting the needs of both women and unborn children.

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    And you can hear them in the effective leadership of major and emerging pro-life organizations arguing that America can do better for women and children. When I began working in the pro-life movement in the late s, while the "boots on the ground" were often female, the C-suites of organizations like the National Right to Life and Americans United for Life were occupied by men.

    In recent years, too, women have begun to spearhead many pro-life groups with explicitly pro-women agendas, which articulate how women's rights are co-extensive with children's rights: Feminists for Life, the Susan B. I'm a feminist against abortion.

    Life inside the Universiade Village through the eyes of ITIS students

    Why exclude me from a march for women? At the same time, pro-life feminism is visibly flourishing in the daily lives of millions of women in the US who don't often talk about it. They just do it. I have met them during my travels to 49 states.

    Your life and eyes

    They include mothers in Denver running a medical clinic for poorer women, a New York City-based editor volunteering with single moms on the weekends, and a pro-life lawyer living in a safe house with traumatized, trafficked women. Often, these women ignore or even abjure the "feminist" label because it is automatically associated with the primacy accorded to legal abortion by groups like Planned Parenthood and other national feminist groups.

    But many of these women are what I think of as "anonymous feminists" just the same. They know, live and openly articulate women's essential equality and dignity, and women's rights to the same opportunities afforded men. They want these opportunities not only for themselves, but also for their daughters, sisters, and friends.

    At the very same time, they recoil at the thought of abortion.