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Ellison is also dealing with his sister, Deni, who has been having bouts of going feral after having been hit by car. And I have to say, he had some adorable moments while figuring out how to handle his relationship with Maria. When he pops up in a book, I know something interesting is going to happen. Overall, another great novella in this amazing series. The pacing was the spot on and the characters were fleshed-out. Shifters Unbound Series. Shifter Made 0.

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Feral Heat (Shifters Unbound Series #5.5)

Bad Wolf 7. As more Shifters learned how to apply some control to the Collars, they started trying to discover a way to remove or disconnect the Collars from their nervous system. Attempting to remove a Collar required a volunteer test subject strong enough to endure pain, not critical to the survival of a Shiftertown if something went wrong, but valuable enough to know what was at stake so Jace volunteered. Deni was struggling.

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She had physically recovered from a vicious attack but she had issues keeping her human mind and control attached to her wolf instincts. Tense situations especially those filled with aggression and adrenaline triggered her drive to fight so she tended to stay away from most Shifter gatherings.

As much fun as their growing sexual attraction I thought the way Jace and Deni complimented each other was very moving. Deni also learned that Jace could help her maintain control and enjoy life as a Shifter without fearing she would revert to attacking at the slightest provocation.

In addition to the romance between Deni and Jace, Ashley also moved the general world plot along. Some very interesting developments were discovered regarding the Collars and potential removal techniques.

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She also brought out the existence of a new threat against the Shifters and their attempts to keep humans away from the Shiftertowns. I am very curious to see how the potential removal techniques are actually going to work, how the Shifters will get the needed materials, and how they will manage to control the side effects of removing the Collars. This was an interesting novella but not one of my favorites. Unfortunately I noticed the same thing in her past two novellas so I am starting to think this series works better in the novel format given her particular writing style.

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I am looking forward to seeing a return in her upcoming novel Wild Wolf of what made me enjoy this series initially. Links to purchase Kindle iTunes Nook Kobo.

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She isn't too picky except for good characterization, settings she can imagine, and a story that flows logically