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Every fall, the site hosts the Sloss Fright Furnace, a haunted house attraction, and offers ghost tours. This hotel in downtown Anchorage is allegedly haunted by the former city police chief, Jack Sturgus, who died mysteriously near the hotel in According to Haunted Hotels, guests have also reported other possibly supernatural activity, including faucets and televisions turning on and off by themselves. Guests at the Hotel San Carlos have reported seeing a figure of a woman in an evening gown on the roof of the building, which may be the ghost of Leona Jensen, who leapt from the roof to hear death in , according to AZ Central.

Guests of the hotel, which sits on the site of Phoenix's first school, have also reported hearing children's laughter and seeing children's ghosts in the hallways. The hotel is allegedly haunted by former guests who have died on the property. Today, guests can participate in ghost tours to see the paranormal activity for themselves.

The most haunted house in every state

The ship offers haunted tours for guests in hopes of seeing the ghosts of sailors who reportedly haunt the engine room. Dating all the way back to , the Strater Hotel has years of history behind it, including many ghost sightings. Each room is equipped with a "ghost diary" so guests can record instances of paranormal activity around the hotel. The Ledge Lighthouse has been automated for the past 30 years, but the alleged ghosts that haunt the site date back much further.

Ghosts of former lighthouse keepers haunt the isolated building, according to Damned Connecticut. Fort Delaware was built as a Union Fortress during the Civil War, but was used as a prison for captured Confederate soldiers. It is said that conditions were abysmal, and that many prisoners died there due to maltreatment. It doesn't come as much of a surprise then that their restless spirits are said to haunt the building.

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The Old St. Johns County Jail housed St. Augustine's most violent criminals from to Many former inmates still reportedly haunt the site. Now a museum, the jail offers nighttime "Ghost and Gravestones" tours for visitors looking to spot the local ghosts.

Will O’Dale House, Fishers Island, N.Y.

Savannah, Georgia, is a particularly haunted city, according to Ghost City Tours , and the Lucas Theatre fits right in. Apparently there have been reports of ghost sightings at the theatre, including shadowy figures and sounds of applause even when there's no one around. The 'Iolani Palace was once home to Hawaii's royalty, although today it serves as a museum of Hawaiian history. Visitors have reported seeing the ghosts of Hawaiian royals and hearing mysterious music and chanting in the room where Queen Lili'uokalani was imprisoned when the Hawaiian monarchy was overthrown in The Old Idaho Penitentiary, located in Boise, opened in and housed some of the region's most dangerous criminals until it closed for good years later.

Visitors can now tour the old jail, including cells that many claim are haunted by old inmates. A secret doorway used in the s but hidden until is now on display at the DeSoto House Hotel in Galena, Illinois. The doorway was uncovered when the hotel staff was repairing flood damages, and the spot became notorious for ghost sightings.

A plaque in the hotel describes a "lady in black" who allegedly haunts the doorway. The Indiana Medical History Museum is located in the oldest surviving pathology building in the country. The Indianapolis museum recreates amphitheaters and laboratories that were once used by the Central State Hospital, which treated a variety of different mental health-related illnesses from until the late s. It is reportedly haunted by family members of two past presidents of the University, according to the Ames Tribune. The Hutchinson Public Library in Kansas dates back to , and its history involves many ghost stories.

A ghost of a former librarian named Ida allegedly haunts the property. The Waverly Hills Sanatorium acted as a hospital in which patients with tuberculosis were quarantined in the early s. It closed in after an antibiotic that cured tuberculosis was discovered. Many people believe that the site is haunted. Visitors can participate in ghost tours and visit haunted houses during the fall season on the hospital grounds.

The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana, is known as one of the most haunted homes in the US, according to Atlas Obscura. Legend has it that a slave who worked at the plantation accidentally poisoned the owner's wife and children, and was hung for the fatal mistake. Ever since, the home is thought to have been cursed, and a man was even murdered at its steps in the s. Guests have reported ghost sightings over the years, particularly in the Lincoln Suite, in which guests have seen a woman floating around the room in a nightgown.

The Lord Baltimore Hotel has a long history in the city, since it first opened back in Guests have reported sightings of the ghost of a young girl playing with a red ball on the hotel's 19th floor, according to Haunted Rooms. Many believe it is the ghost of a seven-year-old who, along with her parents, jumped to her death from the hotel during the Great Depression. Caption Close.

The 30 Most Haunted Places in America

Image 1 of Back to Gallery. Today's Top Insider Stories Exclusive access to in-depth local, regional, and state wide reporting and thought-provoking columnist commentary. You're never strapped for the supernatural in Savannah, which has been deemed one of the country's most haunted cities. While unconfirmed, there are also beliefs that two of the Kehoe children died within the mansion, adding more fuel to the paranormal fire.

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You'll need your sea legs and a bit of bravery to board this haunted vessel, which coincidentally ran its last voyage on Halloween Now permanently docked in Long Beach, California, the R. Queen Mary is believed to host spirits of deceased crew and passengers from its former year tenure at sea. Book a "Haunted Encounter" tour to potentially encounter the alleged "lady in white" and even various children. Claiming ownership in the s, Norman Baker posed as a doctor and rebranded the Crescent Hotel into a faux cancer hospital.

Fast forward to present day, when several ghosts , including "Dr. Staff has also noted an instance of visitors becoming faint during tours at the exact same spot—directly above the old morgue.

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Moans from these servants are still said to resonate within the home, which is now privately owned. While you won't be able to step inside and see for your yourself, you can make a pit stop through a New Orleans Ghost Tour. Now functioning as a public museum, 'Iolani Palace still holds ties to its past royal residents.

The haunted home was the site of two violent murders in —Lizzie Borden's father and stepmother. Many place the blame on Lizzie herself, who was tried and later acquitted for the case. Brave souls can book an overnight stay in the same room where Abby Borden passed away, or go ghost hunting through one of the site's Paranormal Nights. You've probably seen your fair share of Amityville scares on the big screen , but the real-life home that's since inspired a handful of films is almost as creepy as the Hollywood portrayals.

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The site marks the spot where Ronald DeFeo shot and killed his parents and siblings in , and the next family to call the place "home" only lasted a mere 28 days before moving out. You can guess why. After new ownership and an address change to ward off hoards of visitors, the house is currently off limits to the public, but you can still head to Ocean Avenue to see the facade for yourself.

Both movie buffs and ghost hunters will want to pay a visit to the Ohio State Reformatory. The former prison, which is where The Shawshank Redemption was filmed, is rumored to be haunted by former inmates, its past superintendent and his wife, and the previous farm boss and his family who were murdered outside the building. Visitors can tour this year-old Mansfield, Ohio institution year-round.

Tours are available throughout the year, but reservations are required. The year-old Philadelphia and National Historic landmark is open to the public for daytime tours, Halloween attractions, and even private paranormal investigations on special nights from 9 p. Over the years, both staffers and visitors have become acquainted with "The Pink Lady," a guest that's taken up residence in the Asheville, North Carolina Grove Park Inn. The phantom supposedly haunts room , lingers throughout the hotel, and likes to play harmless pranks on those who work and stay there.

Check it out for yourself by booking a stay. Stop by The Whitney Restaurant in Detroit, Michigan for dinner or a drink at its "Ghost Bar," and you may find yourself in the company of the original homeowner, David Whitney, or his wife, Flora, whose spirits supposedly lurk around the building.