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Healing Teas for your Body, Mind & Soul by Estelle Carraz-Bernabei - Book - Read Online

Description Enhance your life with the great therapeutic and healthful benefits of teas. From green tea to herbal decoctions that can treat obesity to the common cold. Find useful ways to relax the mind, strengthen the body, and soothe the soul.

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The book is a fount of knowledge and reveals the many attributes and aspects of the 'noble leaf' that hitherto may have been unknown to the average tea drinker. Certainly food or drink! This is a gem of a book, and reading it was, for me, a nostalgic trip down the proverbial Memory Lane. Back in the 80's I gained my Diploma in Herbal Medicine and wrote my first book, Herbal Healing, which was essentially an A-Z guide to medicinal herbs.

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It contained a glossary, recipes for making herbal teas and many of their health benefits. I'm not saying that my book was bad; not at all. It's just that hers is very, very good. She supplies fascinating information on the history of tea drinking, the art of tea and the different kinds of tea, and manages to infuse if you'll excuse the pun ever page with the same sort of calmness and stillness that one should enjoy after having — well, a good cup of tea. Here is an author at peace with herself and her subject matter, and that's always a good sign.

What I really like about Carraz-Bernabei's book is the fact that she didn't fall into the trap of pitting traditional teas against herbal ones, as if the former were the works of the Devil and the latter were panaceas to cure every ill.

Find the Right Tea to Soothe Body and Soul

She studiously points out the benefits of both without over-egging either pudding. In my book I didn't round on traditional teas, but neither did I give them the place they rightly deserved. The truth is I essentially just ignored them. Carraz-Bernabei doesn't, and has therefore produced a shorter but far more balanced book. Quite simply, this is the best book on healing teas I've ever read — and believe me, I've read hundreds.

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I'm not sorry, but I do wish I'd written this first as in some respects it has effectively made my book redundant. My advice to the author is to write another, larger volume on the same subject if she hasn't already. The funny thing is, I get the feeling that she may not actually know just how good her own book is.

If she doesn't, she needs to be told. Mike Hallowell, The Shields Gazette.

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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. As an avid tea drinker it was fascinating to read about the properties and uses of so many varieties, very informative. I already enjoy fruit and herbal teas and also green teas, now I can select from the teas described in this book one which will benefit my health as well as my taste buds. Special Note: This book is also available as an ebook.