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Ordering Alpha to escape, Roderick and Nostrum found a way to escape and reunite with the spartans almost six hours later. In response, Alpha Team is deployed with Quebec Team. Breaking into the facility, Quebec Team fought their ways to the top floor and freed the High Council members and escorted them down outside for evac.


Clearing a path, Alpha Team eliminated banshees whilst two pelicans came to take the spartans home. Just before the spartans could leave, he were forced to witness the glassing of dozens of civilians and innocents. Launching a massive assault on the Regretful Redemption's last major hold on the city, Alpha Team, November and the Separatist Alliance launch a four front assault. Nostrum would lead the distraction whilst Alpha would slip in past enemy lines to strike the heart of the Covenant and Alpha-Zulu Corps would supply the air defense.

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Once entering the mining district, Alpha received word that a super nuke, able of leveling the whole city was nearby. Stoping the nuke with assistance from India Team, Alpha Team was able to complete their objective. But, a large portion of the city was decimated as an earthquake spawned to due a second nuke that went off. In response, Roderick orders the rest of the Separatist off world along with the Alpha-Zulu Corps, therefore, Steven and the rest of the Spartans follow suit.

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In late , James and Elizabeth were recalled from Alpha to be redeployed to New Lagos as several ships were seen entering and exiting the planet. The team went into a small dog fight with James doing the best he could but it was not good enough as he and his team was shot down onto the planet's surface. Using his knowledge of what was, James navigated the group to the area of interest, an Insurrectionist compound. Slipping into the compound, the group entered the server room and continued on their operations.

The spartans made their way towards the command center. Once at the center, the spartans killed or wounded the insurgents and captured their leader, Colonel Robert Jacobs. Returning to the server room, the group forced the colonel to downloaded the files. After the files were obtained, the group set havoc nukes all around the station and using an Insurrectionist ship to escape, destroyed the station.

The mission was a success. As the month of August began, an elite splitter group from the Regretful Redemption came and attacked New San Andreas.

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The battle was short lived and luckily, no civilian casualties. But in late August the same year, the group attacked Mekron City, the second mega city in the country Espoz. Alpha Team was deployed to Crimson Tide Base to deal with the threat. Pushing the Covenant back to a single LZ, Stewart was not holding back against the Covenant as he grabbed an elite by its mouth, throw it to the ground and proceeded to beat him mercilessly.

After the battle, Stewart the upgraded his armor to a more powerful version to allow him to move even faster in the field. Within time, the spartans hunted down rogue spartans and their organization. Guardian handled air contacts whilst Alpha evacuated civilians and other insurgents. After the battle, and Guardian's assault on Luna, Roderick was promoted to the rank of Colonel in which he accepted.

Throughout , the planet Vixel has had a major uproar of protest and local engagements with protestors but on February 19 th , an UNSC comm station went dark. In the Republic of Gonan lies the Behera Territory, a massive range of mountains and deserts.

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  6. By April , the Vixel Rebellion had completely captured the territory and moved into the republic. In response, Alpha along with a mass deployment of marines and several UNSC ships were deployed to the area. Unable to do anything, the rebels soon made their way into the park district and captured it.

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    Setting up a defense network, it appeared that the Park District was the rebels for now. In October of the same year, Alpha Team was then deployed to Chun Kin with local militia groups to take down a small rebel cell in the country. Crushing the rebels easily, Alpha then returned to the Altman and then discovered the state of New San Andreas. Deploying back to Mekron City, Alpha was sent to stop a small attack on the city by locating their bunker and arresting or killing the rebels. Interrogating some of the rebels they arrested, Alpha Team learns the names of the leaders of Vixel Rebellion.

    Early, Cross was engaged by Spartan Team Tango a few months prior with two dead spartans. Only two days later, New Century was placed under siege and the Corps was deployed. Later, Alpha was sent into the city to protect the bridge to the space elevator. There, Roderick and Alpha stayed until they were redeployed to the Appatos Mountains to arrest ex Admiral Stanford Doland, the team was successful.

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    Returning to New Century, Alpha's pelican was shot down by rebel forces, but luckily all the spartans including Doland survived. Lighting a flair, Roderick had nothing to do besides wait and provide cover fire for UNSC forces on the ground. Nearly twenty days later, the rebellion finally stop their siege on New Century. The Siege lasted for five months and three days. Alpha Team was then deployed to capture General Montesquieu. Steven-A, not wasting anytime, began to fight the general hand-to-hand with both combatants holding their own against the other.

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    Unfortunately, it was Montesquieu who gained the upper hand and captured Steven, holding him at gun point whilst Alpha Team aimed for the rebel. Knowing he lost, Thomas pulled the trigger, killing the spartan and Roderick's best friend. Alpha Team made the arrest but with protest from Roderick. Constantly interrogating the general, both Elizabeth and James were called in to interrogate Thomas and received the information needed to end the rebellion, the location of Connor Stewart. The Rebellion had ended but with the deaths of half of Alpha Team.

    James-A : Do you really want to keep doing this? We can help. StayWolf and set your direction to the Wolfhouse. Become a member. Sign in. Get started. What it means to lead the team like an alpha wolf. Conservation Leadership Staywolf Wolfpack.

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