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Aunt Esther said she thought Dad was pretty smart to get Mr.

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Churchill as busy as he is to write the letter for him. Then his mother tells him she is so proud of him earning his Air Medal and she shall cherish it very much. She says she realizes he has a big job to do and like him they try to put on a good front. She says all they can do is pray and trust. It's hard on them too. Next she dispenses some motherly advise about his future plans, encouraging him to continue his education after the war, perhaps as a journalist, since she thinks he has a talent for writing.

He didn't continue his education or study journalism, but it's funny - his son our brother is the Vice President of Associated Press and was the youngest person ever elected to sit on their Board of Directors Reading these letters was the first we had ever learned of Daddy's interest or talent in this area!

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Finally, she tells him his name is up for the whole church to pray for this week. She tells him they are receiving his letters in about 10 days. They have a very good cook right now but you never know how long you can keep one again, this is Georgia, who worked for them for the remainder of their lives. She asks if he has a bottom gunner on his ship and says she hopes to goodness that her letters are not censored, and tells him that his are all marked "Censored" but not a single one has been opened. She has evidently learned from George Ferrell that the radar planes do not have a ball turret gunner because that is where the radar is.

She believes that he is on one of these radar planes and is worried about it and it turns out she was right as he was flying in a radar equipped plane when he was shot down and taken as a prisoner of war. It appears in later letters that he denied this to her, probably to keep her from worrying. She reminds him that his heavenly father is by his side guiding and watching over his every movement.

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She promises him that if he lives close to him his heavenly father that he will take care of him. They haven't heard from him and everyone else is worried because they are not hearing anything this week also. Her friend Mrs. White told her she would make a cake for her to send him again, my grandmother didn't learn to cook until she was in her 70's. October 10, She praises him for being so good about writing to them and tells him he doesn't know how much good it does them on the home front and reminds him that they are sweating it out too.

This is his birthday letter, she reminds him that he may be 22 but he is still her baby. She tells him she prays over him always, as she has from the first, that he will be a joy and comforter to those around him, after all friends and the good will of our fellow man mean more than money, etc. She will be thinking about him all day on the 19th and hoping he is enjoying his birthday. She tells him he should be getting about 10 boxes for Xmas from different people in town. She figures he has made about 10 missions since he has the air medal and a cluster.

Again, here she is worried that he is a pathfinder and she asks him to send her a sign in his next letter, either saying he does remember the path that lead to the Country Club or he doesn't remember the path that lead to the Club, etc.. They have had their first cold snap and the clothes are pouring in. They have decided to cut out the delivery service and believes their competitor will follow suit. She wishes him many happy returns and hopes his next one will be spent back here with them. She is praying for his safe return each night. October 24, V-Mail - Its been two weeks since they received a letter, so she figures the mail is not going through and decides to try V-Mail.

Their neighbor received a V-Mail letter from her son today. She tells him that his Dad has written him every day for 4 straight weeks and to be sure and brag on him, etc. She heard someone come in the other door and "whistle his whistle" and her heart did flip-flops. She rushed over and there stood a friend of his "Brer". Their friends the Whites haven't heard from their son in over a month and they have asked the Red Cross to try and get in touch with him.

She feels so sorry for them. She is sick with a terrible cold and feels like "the dickens". They got their first letter from him in over 2 weeks yesterday. The mail is really messed up, the neighbor had one letter that was half burned up. Bob Spann was in a minute ago and it sure did make her homesick for her son. Today the postman brought 6 letters including the one he wrote on the 19th, his birthday. She remarks that from these letters she now knows that he is not a pathfinder I guess he used the code she had asked him to. The Whites are hearing from there son regularly again and she feels so much better.

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She hopes the mail will be better now that the Xmas rush is over because it sure does something to you to get mail from your loved ones. She is glad he liked the book she sent him and will try to send some more. She will be sending him 2 pairs of woolen socks that his grandmother bought for him. She is saving his letters so he can read between the lines to her when he gets home, because some of his remarks just go completely over her head.

She remarks that some of them are clever and she does get them, such as the one about the 16th hole of golf when the Country Club only had 9 holes. Buck Davis and his crew escaped from their prison and he is on his way home. They are sure he will have a lot to talk about. The letters end here. My grandparents received the news that their only child was "Missing In Action" while they were attending the annual Christmas dance at the Country Club in December Information traveled much slower then!

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Haffner who was one of only two survivors on his plane on March 26, The letter is from the parents of Don Roberts, who lost their only child that day. Donald B. We rec'd your letter from England and thank you for writing to us. We are happy for you and your family that you will soon be reunited and we hope you are well. It was an awful shock to us to lose our Don as you know he was all we had. We are trying to carry on as best we can but life will never be quite the same again.

There are many things we would like to know but we don't like to ask too many questions as you have been through so much we know there are many things you would like to forget. We would like to know just what happened on that last fatal mission.

View our most recent social media posts View a list of all our accounts. Skip to main content. Google Tag Manager. About the collection Voices from war, a remarkable collection of over personal accounts that reveal the diversity of service and impact on individuals lives. Diarists from World War I Our diary and letter collections offer a rich and personal insight into those who served in the Great War. From the letters, the artist made printing plates which she used to print onto handmade Kozo paper.

The letter imprint was then surrounded or overlaid by the outline of a house, a floor plan or the map of a geographical location, using a woodblock print. Hashmi studied printmaking with the renowned English painter and printmaker S. Hayter — at Atelier 17 in Paris from to , and Letters from Home reflects her training across a variety of printmaking techniques. As the title indicates, Letters from Home acts as a preserved archive of the letters sent to Hashmi by her sister over a period of time.

Since her departure from India in to accompany her husband Saad Hashmi, a military officer engaged in international diplomacy, in his travels around the world, the artist has moved frequently between cities, countries and continents. Immediately after her departure, her family was required to relocate due to the partition of India and Pakistan, resulting in the loss of the family home.

Working with actual geographical locations, Hashmi acts as cartographer, preserving communication from her sister within the sites of her own memories. Through the representation of memories in Letters from Home , Hashmi creates a place of shelter in a foreign land. It reveals her experience of being distanced from home and loved ones, and functions as a diary of the activities of the family she left behind.

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