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Mama Stalks the Past

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Mama Stalks the Past

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Mama Stalks the Past. Notify me.

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Description Mama's name is Grace, but folks call her Candi because of a golden-brown complexion that puts you in mind of candied sweet potatoes. Mama makes her living as a case manager for Social Services, but her talent for cooking up the best food in Otis, South Carolina, is well known.

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When things weren't working out for me in Atlanta, Mama suggested I come home. I soon knew I'd made the right decision when I found Nat Mixon on Mama's doorstep threatening to tell the whole town that Mama stole his inheritance. It seems that Nat's mother and Mama's neighbor, spiteful recluse Hannah Mixon, had just died and left a will naming Mama as her beneficiary - yet Mama had never spoken to the woman! Everybody in Otis knew Nat was one can short of a six-pack, but he was built like a tank and threatening Mama's reputation, which to Mama is as bad as threatening her life.

When it turned out the bequest was acres of land, and Miss Hannah had died of poisoning, a big drama was under way in a small town where inherited property is more valuable than gold. Mama couldn't see her reputation ruined - she had to discover why Hannah had left her the property and why the old woman had been murdered. And maybe that was exactly what Hannah Mixon expected her to do - why else had she left Mama a message to look for a missing envelope? In Mama Stalks the Past, Nora DeLoach offers up a suspenseful tale of how family ties snap like thread when a large inheritance attracts a brutal killer Product details Format Hardback pages Dimensions People who viewed this also bought.

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Larger Image. Description Goodreads reviews The third offering in the author's Mama series finds the African-American social worker from Otis, South Carolina--where her cooking entices visitors from near and far--and her lawyer daughter on a case of greed, family betrayal, and murder. When my mama receives an angry visit from Nat Mixon, she learns some startling news.

Nat's mother and Mama's neighbor, spiteful recluse Hannah Mixon, has just died--and left a large parcel of land to Mama! Nat is convinced Mama stole his inheritance, and to save her reputation, Mama's determined to find out why Hannah named her in her will.

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And when it turns out Hannah was murdered, Mama needs to find more answers. With the help of three notorious local gossips--and me--Mama uncovers a long, bloody history of greed and family betrayal connected to the land Mama's inherited. And unless she discovers the truth about this plot of land, it may become her burial plot Show more Show less. Better watch it with the current crop of same, though, since the coroner marks Simone's arrival by announcing that crabby next-door neighbor Hannah Mixon was helped to the grave by a hearty dose of arsenic.

When he finds out that Hannah's left the lion's share of her piddling estate - acres' worth - to Candi Covington though she's never exchanged a word with Mama , Hannah's son Nat storms over to accuse Mama of stealing his inheritance. You'd think the police would get suspicious of Mama, especially after Nat also gets himself a bellyful of arsenic.