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Beyond doubt, the means is subordinate to the end. Given the many and varied elements and styles of melody "many extant explanations [of melody] confine us to specific stylistic models, and they are too exclusive. The melodies existing in most European music written before the 20th century, and popular music throughout the 20th century, featured "fixed and easily discernible frequency patterns ", recurring "events, often periodic, at all structural levels" and "recurrence of durations and patterns of durations".

Melodies in the 20th century "utilized a greater variety of pitch resources than ha[d] been the custom in any other historical period of Western music.

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Kliewer states, "The essential elements of any melody are duration, pitch, and quality timbre , texture, and loudness. Different musical styles use melody in different ways. For example:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about melody in music.

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For other senses of this word, see Melody disambiguation. In a sequence , a figure or group of chords is repeated at different levels of pitch. Ornaments , or graces small melodic devices such as grace notes, appoggiaturas, trills, slides, tremolo, and slight deviations from standard pitch , may be used to embellish a melody. Melodic ornamentation is present in most European music and is essential to Indian, Arabic, Japanese, and much other non-Western music. Some musical systems have complex formulaic structures called modes or melody types with which melodies are built.

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