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He was But the instrument he went on to master was worlds away from metal: the bandoneon. Lee Kopp, who directs the program for Symphony Silicon Valley, says his job sometimes feels like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, making sure buses and teachers are in the right place at the right time.

The season ends in June showcasing "Spices, Perfumes, Toxins! In between, five more programs include a well-known soloist or two i.

See Full Article. Memories of George Cleve, Maestro and Mentor George Cleve, who died Thursday, August 27, at age 79, spent most of his career in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he was a prominent, beloved figure on the musical scene. Symphony Silicon Valley closes season with inventive mix of Haydn, Prokofiev and Tchaikovsky Symphony Silicon Valley has a way of taking audiences for a ride, throwing some unexpected curveballs at listeners, making its programs crackle The piece would seem to be made for him, as it reels from keening lyricism to madcap shenanigans, quoting Beethoven and Rossini the "William Tell" Overture along the way.

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Now, when the trend among regional orchestras is to down-size or hold steady, its performance schedule is growing again. Despite the massive renovation and yuppification of downtown in recent years, cities to the north get the attention and the stars. But there is good music to be heard in San Jose, and good venues in which to hear it The sweet sounds of success Symphony Silicon Valley rises toward fifth season Take note, all you doubters. Symphony Silicon Valley soon will be heading into its fifth season -- with more concerts in its core series, higher profile soloists and an increasingly interesting mix of repertory.

As the orchestra announces details of its lineup, it seems to be in a growth pattern. Symphony Silicon Valley thrives without full-time conductor But some say it deserves a grand figurehead on the podium Symphony Silicon Valley, the South Bay's up-and-coming orchestra, has never had a full-time conductor and has no plans to hire one.

Now in its fourth season, it hires a guest conductor for each of its programs -- an anomaly among symphony orchestras in this country. The orchestra isn't afraid to be different or ambitious. There's a lot of hype for sure, but I'd say there are several positive examples where deep learning, for example, made a positive contribution compared to what's been done traditionally. Also, services like Google Translate while far from being perfect improved by a lot during the recent years. I am no expert regarding blockchain stuff, but I believe the same is true there.

Wilcox Wins Wild and Wet Affair With Oregon Foe

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No Mercy. Martina Cole.

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The Familiars. Stacey Halls. Once Upon a River.