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A dive computer will let you know your current depth and how many minutes you can stay at that level.

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Plus, it recalculates as soon as you reach a new depth. Staying below the surface too long can be extremely dangerous, and making the calculations manually is not fun. A dive computer, on the other hand, does all the hard work for you! After your dive, you can use your computer to track all the important stats, like how many meters you reached and your time spent underwater. It will also let you know how much decompression time you need aka time spent above water between dives.

One of the best gifts for divers is a dive flashlight. They are most commonly used in night dives when the ocean can be pitch black, but they are also great for wreck dives and caves dives. Night dives, wreck dives, and cave dives require an Advanced Diving License, so check on the level of experience and license your diver has. However, even for less experienced divers with a standard diving license, having a flashlight can add to the dive experience because it allows you to peer into cracks in the rock to see what is hiding from you.

I have used it for river trekking, caving and camping in addition to diving. When using a flashlight, it is essential not to lose it, which is easy to do if you get distracted and drop it underwater. I have had more than one flashlight sink to the bottom of the sea just as I am on my ascent, so it has been impossible to retrieve.

Therefore, always make sure it has a strap — or buy a strap along with it.

Together, they make the perfect diver gift. For many, the mask is by far the most important item of the equipment. Also, it is easy to carry in your suitcase so you can buy a good one and take it everywhere with you, and you can use it for snorkeling when you do not have the opportunity to dive or are just relaxing on the beach and want to take a look underwater.

A good mask is one that fits perfectly with the shape of the face, so a good test is to breathe in strongly and release it without tying it to the head. The mask should not fall and air should not be able to go inside. It is also important to buy a good brand and not just one on the street or a cheap souvenir store. This way you can make sure that the straps are not going to quickly break and the mica will not be easily scratched.

You can complement this gift with an antifog liquid and will bring surely smile to any diver. There is nothing worse than a mask that constantly fogs up when you are already underwater and makes you probably miss more than one animal, coral or fish for being cleaning it or not being able to see clearly.

The first gear purchase I made was my own mask because I was sick of the rentals constantly fogging up on me and leaking water. During my certification, I was taught to just use the best anti-fog you can — your own saliva. Are you clumsy like me? Or, maybe you want to take your phone in the water while swimming during dives or snorkeling.

A dive knife is used for many reasons and comes at all price points! Dive knives are also handy for getting out of tight places.

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This is a fun stocking stuffer! This bag includes carry-on friendly versions of the necessities including defog gel, lip balm, wetsuit cleaner, and sunscreen. Spending time on a liveaboard dive trip or doing a few shore dives and have downtime in between dives? A waterproof, sandproof Bluetooth speaker is perfect for scuba divers or anyone who spends time outdoors! With less than 0. PADI offers a large range of courses, of which many will be available to undertake at the next dive shop you visit!

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These range from technical skills to learn and enable you to dive better or longer, to offer learning about the environment you will explore. For example, whilst the stereotypical diving takes place in tropical waters to explore colorful reefs, there are also some incredible diving in much colder waters, such as the Silfra fissure in Iceland.

For the advanced divers who want to explore further than the 40m recreational limits with no decompression stops, you will need to explore the world of technical diving. Again, PADI offers multiple courses on understanding the intricacies and challenges of technical dives, allowing you to explore depths of up to m! These courses can help divers at any level, are often very affordable and many can be done at home or abroad, making them the perfect present!

When I first started out I was in Costa Rica so the water was warm, and so was the air temperature. I rarely had to worry about getting cold! However, when I moved to Malta, the water was chilly early in the season and no amount of wetsuit was enough to stop me shivering! I invested in a pink poncho, made of quick-dry toweling material, which slips over the head and comes with a hood too!

Perfect for shielding you from the winds and great for warming you up post-dive! I quickly realized this poncho had many uses — sun beating down? I put it on to avoid sunburn during the surface interval! And on those days in Malta where the dive site is packed and the queue for the toilets is long, I could skip that and get dully changed under my poncho!

I bought my poncho off Amazon , however, I have seen in some outdoor shops much thicker ponchos, with a thick fleece lining. Any diver would appreciate a poncho as a gift! What makes a good gift? That is, of course, if you know how to use it. And the best way to learn is to have one strapped to your wrist so yeah, you need one.

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Sounds easy, until you try. Having a compass and practicing underwater navigation not only is fun, but it boosts your confidence and gets you prepared for advanced open water and beyond. Who knows, if you have a knack for nav, you might be the one leading your dive group down the shore and around the bend. Even on boat dives, having a compass on your wrist will help you find all the good stuff the DMs go over in the pre-dive briefing.

We use and recommend a portable safe as a great gift for divers and snorkelers alike. Our PacSafe is a wire mesh enforced black bag, with a rolled steel closing mechanism. Portable safes come in different sizes though, from 5-liter capacity up to 15 liters.

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Connect up the cable, and then loop the cable around an immovable object and padlock it and all your valuables are safe and secure while you dive or snorkel. We used it most recently in Cuba, diving and snorkeling the historic Bay of Pigs — no need for one of us to sit and bag sit while the others had fun! And while we tend not to take our laptops to the dive spot, we usually have keys, wallets, and cameras.

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Most thefts from divers and snorkelers tend to be opportunistic. The PacSafe stops opportunistic theft and means that your gear is safe. It rolls down or stays flat at the bottom of our backpacks when not in use. One of the handiest gifts for scuba divers is a DSMB delayed surface marker buoy also known by divers as a safety sausage. Many divers do not own one yet, it is small enough to pack on dive trips and it falls in a good price category. A DSMB is deployed by the diver towards the end of the dive as a signal to the surface that the divers are ending their dive and have started to ascend.

The boat can see the brightly colored tube bobbing above the water while divers are ascending and remain below the surface while doing safety or decompression stops.

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Doing drift dives it is important that each diver has his own DSMB, that buddy pairs can ascend independent and the whole group does not have to end their dive if one diver has reached his air limit. Scuba diving is one of my favorite activities during travel and I always appreciate when my friends and family give me scuba-themed gifts. I first learned about the importance of reef-safe sunscreen from the Roatan Marine Park staff in West End, Roatan , Honduras one of the best diving sites in the Caribbean!

They explained that standard sunscreens contain chemicals notably oxybenzone and octinoxate that can harm fish and coral.