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Mount Vesuvius Didn't Kill Everyone in Pompeii. Where Did the Survivors Go?

The alien ship veers away from the Enterprise, targeting the house of Kevin and Rishon. The house and plot of land are utterly obliterated. The ship itself is then blown apart by a single photon torpedo from the Enterprise. The crew is astounded by this turn of events, and even more puzzled as to why they remain in orbit over a dead planet. After approximately three hours, La Forge notices a change in sensor readings and informs the captain that the house and land are back. Picard orders Kevin and Rishon to be beamed directly to the bridge. Picard tells a surprised Rishon that he wants to end the suffering of one of his crew members and starts confronting Kevin over what really happened.

Picard tells Kevin he realized that the house and the ship are his creations. When Picard last left the house he told them the Enterprise won't leave orbit as long as they would be alive, so Kevin went to satisfy that condition. Speaking to Rishon, Picard notes that all of his senses tell him that she exists, but he has realized that she is not real. Rishon vanishes, leaving only a sad Kevin.

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Picard tells him he knows he's not Human. Kevin then teleports to the turbolift ; Picard orders the crew to keep clear and to track him, as he believes Kevin to be a creature of conscience that has some unfinished business before returning to the surface. Crusher visits Troi's quarters, startled to find Kevin at her bedside: he has removed the music from her mind.

The music was his creation; her empathic powers were also threatening to reveal the truth. Picard enters and demands the truth about what happened to the planet. Kevin makes a startling confession: he is in fact a Douwd , an immortal being with vast powers. He met his Human wife many years before, and decided to live as a Human with her. The alien raiders were the Husnock , who he knew as being of "hideous intelligence, knowing only aggression and destruction". As a devout pacifist , he was ethically limited to avoid using his vast abilities to harm them. He used his powers to try to trick them instead, which only made them more angry and cruel.

Rishon joined the colonists in fighting what Kevin knew to be a hopeless battle against the raiders, and was subsequently killed. Viewing her broken body, he suffered a moment of weakness. Out of regretting his inaction, in a moment of insane rage at the raiders, and grief at his tragic loss, he instantly annihilated the entire Husnock race — all fifty billion — with a single thought. Stunned at his "sin", Kevin recreated Rishon and their house, and sentenced himself to exile on the ruined Rana IV.

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He used the fake warship as a ruse to try and keep the Enterprise from finding out the truth. Picard confesses that the Federation much less Humanity is not qualified to judge him, or the issue, and allows him to stay on Rana IV. With Troi returned to full health, the Enterprise departs for Starbase Picard notes in his log that the Douwd is a being of extraordinary power, and isn't sure if he should be condemned for his crime, or praised for his conscience.

What he does know, however, is that "Kevin" should be left alone. Worf drinks his tea and makes a face. Lock out even your deepest dreams. It's real. A species of hideous intelligence. Jesuit officials in New York had hoped to force victims to disclose their identities when suing those who committed abuse against them or concealed that abuse.

We hope his former supervisors, colleagues and church members will call police with any suspicions or information about his behavior immediately. The SNAP Conference was a wonderful weekend of healing, learning and growth and we are grateful to every speaker, attendee, and volunteer who helped make this conference one of our most successful events ever.

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If you want to re-live the experience in Alexandria, check out our YouTube links below to re-watch the keynote addresses and plenary speeches. If you see child sexual abuse, or have a reasonable suspicion of sexual abuse or your child has been sexually abused, call or your local police immediately.

If necessary, they will show you how to report in your local area.

Child pornography is a federal crime. Report Abuse to your AG. Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. Share Your Story.

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Join our mailing list! Six patients had isolated head injuries and 6 had cervical spine trauma. Eight underwent on-scene thoracotomy for penetrating chest trauma. Six patients recovered after decompression of tension pneumothorax. Thirty patients sustained asphyxial or hypoxic insults.

Eleven patients appeared to have had "medical" cardiac arrests that occurred before and was usually the cause of their trauma. One patient survived hypovolemic cardiac arrest. Thirteen survivors breached recently published guidelines. The survival rates described are poor but comparable with or better than published survival rates for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest of any cause.

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Patients who arrest after hypoxic insults and those who undergo out-of-hospital thoracotomy after penetrating trauma have a higher chance of survival. Patients with hypovolemia as the primary cause of arrest rarely survive. Adherence to recently published guidelines may result in withholding resuscitation in a small number of patients who have a chance of survival.