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The goal of swim buddies is three-fold:. It comes right from the leader: you.

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No detail is too small when modeling the way for the organization you strive to build. Make no mistake, your actions are under a microscope. What you do gets emulated not just internally but externally to your customers. Products will come and go, but the single hardest thing to build and the easiest thing to lose is a winning culture focused on caring for each other, customers, contributors and the communities in which you operate. One of the greatest challenges of team building is getting people to relinquish their selfish ego-driven desire for personal gain and replace it with a selfless drive to help the team flourish.

Caring leads to daring. People are not robots, they have emotions which drive their behaviors.

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Unstoppable Teams are powered by care. You want diversity of thought but not diversity of heart. Make cultural fit a top priority when selecting people to join you on your entrepreneurial journey.

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We are all imperfect. We need each other, and how we form those bonds directly impacts how well we will succeed together. We are much more powerful together than we are standing alone.

How Being A "Good Sport" Can Actually Make You Unstoppable In Business

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  7. For more information on our data policies, please visit our Cookie Policy. Accelerate your income, turn your life into a work of art, and start living a truly unstoppable and uncompromised life. The most significant thing about our work together is how quickly and effectively you were able to get down to the nugget that was really in the the way , that was holding me back, or needed to be healed.

    This work is like inner energy surgery. It causes real change, with lasting effects. February 13, The financial benefits are easy to quantify but the benefits associated with being able to build a strong foundation and reduce my stress level are priceless. Amira helped me cut through my internal noise and confusion and laid out such a clear and exciting business strategy that I marveled at how fast and clearly she saw it and me.

    How Being A "Good Sport" Can Actually Make You Unstoppable In Business

    She has a unique gift of seeing your strengths and opportunities and helping you bring them to life with ease and magic. Get your ticket HERE! Contact us: cando entrepreneurial. Toggle navigation. Unstoppable Women — Find Your Voice.

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