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Like many other Burmese migrant workers and refugees in Malaysia, he was arrested for illegal entry into the country. Migrant workers are apprehended and led to an open area by civilian security volunteers to have their documents inspected during an immigration raid in Kuala Lumpur in Photo: AFP If no ransom was forthcoming after a few weeks, Lwin Ko would be passed on like many others to work as a crewman on a fishing boat or, for women, to work as household servants or as prostitutes in brothels Committee staff conducted a year-long review of the trafficking and extortion allegations.

The committee has an active interest in the treatment of Burmese migrants in Malaysia. Many of the approximately 40, Burmese refugees who have resettled in the United States since , have come via Malaysia. Malaysia does not officially recognize refugees, due in part to concern by the Government that official recognition of refugees would encourage more people to enter Malaysia, primarily for economic reasons.

Typically they profess fear of persecution by the repressive Burmese military junta. Once in Malaysia, Burmese migrants are often arrested by Malaysian authorities, whether or not they have registered with the UNHCR and have identification papers. Personal belongings confiscated at the time of arrest are usually kept by Malaysian officials. Burmese migrants are reportedly taken by Malaysian Government personnel from detention facilities to the Malaysia-Thailand border for deportation.

Allegations received by the committee from migrants, spanning years of personal experience, are similar to reports issued by NGOs and human rights activists. Upon arrival at the Malaysia-Thailand border, human traffickers reportedly take possession of the migrants and issue ransom demands on an individual basis.

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Migrants state that freedom is possible only once money demands are met. Specific payment procedures are outlined, which reportedly include bank accounts in Kuala Lumpur to which money should be transferred. Migrants state that those unable to pay are turned over to human peddlers in Thailand, representing a variety of business interests ranging from fishing boats to brothels. The committee has received numerous reports of sexual assaults against Burmese women by human traffickers along the border. Statements are continuing to come to the committee from Burmese and other migrants who were taken to the Thailand-Malaysia border and threatened with violence, or being handed over to human traffickers unless extortion demands were met The allegations of mistreatment by Malaysian Government officials and human trafficking syndicates in southern Thailand are not restricted to Burmese migrants, including refugees.

US Drops Burma from Worst Human Trafficking List

However, the preponderance of complaints received by the committee are from ethnic minority migrants who fled Burma Summary of key findings: The report documents verified and suspected trafficking cases, involving women and girls, which occurred between and mid As political and economic conditions inside Burma continue to deteriorate, more and more Kachin women are migrating to China in search of work, and are ending up as forced brides of Chinese men. Most of the forced brides were transported across China to marry men in the eastern provinces, particularly Shandong Province.

Women described being shown to many men, sometimes in marketplaces, before being chosen. About a quarter of those trafficked were under 18, with girls as young as 14 forced to be brides. Several cases involved traffickers attempting to buy babies. The continuing high incidence of trafficking indicates that the regime's new anti-trafficking law, passed in September , is failing to have any impact in curbing the problem. Provisions in the regime's new law to protect the rights of trafficking victims are not being adhered to. Women are also being falsely accused of trafficking under the new law.

Women report that Chinese police have been helpful in assisting them to return to Burma, but have sometimes demanded compensation from Burma border officials for repatriating trafficking victims About a quarter of those trafficked were under Most of these girls, as young as 14, were sold as brides for an average of about USD 2,, usually to farmers. Victims have been refused assistance by the Burmese Embassy in Beijing, denied entry back to Burma, and falsely accused of trafficking themselves.

One woman accused of trafficking was raped in detention by a local official. Migration and trafficking: putting human rights into action. Across Myanmar people are on the move, both inside the country and across its borders, either pushed by necessity or pulled by the prospect of a brighter future. For many, these hopes are at least partially fulfilled. For some, however, this migration brings them face-to-face with exploitation, abuse, disease and even death.

Union of Myanmar

Growing poverty, caused by failed state policies, is driving increasing numbers of young people to migrate in search of work. As a result, young women and girls are disappearing without trace, being sold as wives in China, and tricked into the Chinese and Burmese sex industries. Local Kachin researchers conducted interviews in Burma from May-August in order to document this trend. The cases involve 85 women and girls, mostly between the ages of 14 and Testimony comes primarily from women and girls who escaped after being trafficked, as well as relatives, persons who helped escapees, and others.

About two-thirds of the women trafficked were from the townships of Myitkyina and Bhamo in Kachin State. About one third were from villages in northern Shan State. In 36 of the cases, women were specifically offered safe work opportunities and followed recruiters to border towns. Many were seeking part-time work to make enough money for school fees during the annual three-month school holiday.

Others simply needed to support their families. Those not offered work were taken while looking for work, tricked, or outright abducted. Traffickers used deceit, threats, and drugs to confuse and control women en route Executive Summary; II. Introduction; III. Thailand: Background.

Burma: Background. Project Methodology; VI. Conclusion and Expanded Recommendations This report describes the policy failures of the government of Thailand, despite a program widely hailed as a model of HIV prevention for the region.

Human Trafficking - The Child Soldiers of Burma

Physicians for Human Rights PHR findings show that the Thai government's abdication of responsibility for uncorrupted and nondiscriminatory law enforcement and human rights protection has permitted ongoing violations of human rights, including those by authorities themselves, which have caused great harm to Burmese and hill tribe women and girls Holly Burkhalter, Chen Reis. Also cites sexual exploitation. The report, released June 11, faults Burma's military rulers for continued extensive use of internal forced labor.

The report acknowledges that the military junta ruling Burma has taken steps to combat trafficking in persons for sexual exploitation, but it describes Burma's record as "inadequate. The State Department is required to report to Congress annually whether foreign governments fully meet the minimum standards set for the elimination of trafficking as detailed in the U. Trafficking Victims Protection Act of October Governments that are not making significant efforts to meet the standards are placed on the Tier 3 list.

Executive Summary" Chapter I: Introduction 5 1. Introduction; 1. Background; 1.

Project Profile; 1. Project Objectives; 2. Methods of Working with Migrant Children and Youth; 2. Implementation Strategy; 2. Ethical Considerations; 2. Research Team; 2. Sites and Participants; 2. Establishing Research Guidelines; 2. Data Collection Tools; 2.


Documentation; 2. Translation; 2. Obstacles and Limitations; 3. PAR Interventions; 3. Strengthening Social Structures; 3. Awareness Raising; 3. Capacity Building; 3. Life Skills Development; 3. Outreach Services; 3. Networking and Advocacy; 4. The Participatory Review; 4. Aims of the Review; 4.

Review Guidelines; 4. Review Approach and Tools; 4. Summary of Review Outcomes; 4. Myanmar; 4. Khin Myat Myat Wai 20 Nov Ethnic armed groups vow to help counter Sit Htet Aung 20 Nov Europeans protest jailing of Thingyan street Telco to provide digital training for all Saw Yi Nanda 20 Nov Burgener suggests third-party mediation in Khin Myat Myat Wai 19 Nov More In National News. National News 20 Nov Ethnic armed groups vow to help counter genocide lawsuit. Europeans protest jailing of Thingyan street performers. Telco to provide digital training for all teachers, students. Often lured by unscrupulous recruiters promising lucrative jobs, workers are held captive on boats, where they are forced to work for little or no pay. Related Sectors of Work. Democracy, Human Rights and Governance. Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment.

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